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I took an engagement photoshoot at a historic location in Miami, and I'm obsessed with it!

Updated: Jun 17, 2023

Hello, thank you for being here. My name is Paula and I am a Colombian wedding photographer who moved to the US after photographing weddings in Peru, Mexico and of course Colombia. I decided to set up my business in Miami, Florida because beach weddings are simply a dream come true. In this blog, I`ll share with you my experience and journey as a wedding photographer in Miami.

In the process, I fell in love with the city and everything it has to offer - not just Miami, but the entire region. I have photographed weddings, events and engagements from Boca Raton to Fort Lauderdale to the Keys.

The beauty is in all the little secret places Miami has to offer. If you are from out of town, you'll fall in love with the beaches and will want to take your wedding and engagement photos on the coast, maybe even at sunset. I do not blame you, these photos are beautiful.

This year I had the pleasure of meeting a local couple, Natasha and Stefan, who were not big beach fans. While scouting locations, I found a gem in the middle of Coral Gables where I did their engagement photoshoot. And I am obsessed with the results!

The photos are warm, classic and elegant.

The park is not large, but the variety of options to pose for the photoshoot is incredible.

Natasha and Stefan were also great models who followed my style guide perfectly.

It was raining that morning, and as everyone in Miami knows, after the rain is the best time for a photoshoot!

I look forward to sharing all my favorite shoots from this session with you, and I encourage you to leave the "Miami Beach Books" and find other options for your engagement photoshoots.


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